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The Wheelylift is a Unique, Simple and Space-Saving Bicycle Storage System. With this affordable Dutch invention, everyone can hang up any bicycle without any effort. If you want to create more space in your shed or garage, take a look at our bicycle lift!

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Wheelylift for the private market.

The Wheelylift is a bicycle lift to store your bicycle. The Wheelylift is unique, simple and space-saving. With this affordable Dutch invention, everyone can hang up any bicycle without any effort. Interested in the possibilities? Read more here.


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Wheelylift for the business market.

The idea behind the Wheelylift bicycle lifts is actually very simple. Inventor Jules Sijpkens devised a system with which you can hang bicycles of more than 10 kilos, while saving a lot of space. It turned out to work: you can save 40 to 60% space with it. Wheelylift is very active in the business market with many projects.

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How do I know how many Wheelylifts I can store?

How many Wheelylifts you can store naturally depends on the length of your wall. If you hang the bicycle lifts at different heights, you can store more Wheelylifts. If the Wheelylifts are suspended at different heights, there must be 30cm between the Wheelylifts. Then the bicycle lifts will be suspended at a height of 55 and 65 cm. If you do this, approximately 3 Wheelylifts can be hung per meter. If you want to hang the bicycle lifts at the same height, there must be 50cm between the lifts.

How do I know which type I need?

The type of Wheelylift you need depends on the weight of your bicycle. For children’s bicycles that are often lighter than 12 kg we have type 0112. For normal bicycles up to 24 kg we have type 1224. And for heavy bicycles such as e-bikes or bicycles with heavy panniers we have type 1835. to hang bicycles on the same bicycle lift? Then we also have the 0135 that can handle any bicycle thanks to a magnet system!

Is a profile required for my Wheelylift?

No, a profile for 1 or more Wheelylifts is not mandatory. It is recommended if you hang several Wheelylifts, because this makes mounting much easier. In addition, it is sometimes also useful since you can easily move and remove Wheelylifts with a profile.

What is the minimum height I need to hang a Wheelylift?

The minimum height you need to use our bicycle parking system is 210cm. If you are going to hang the Wheelylifts at different heights, you will need 220cm.